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End of Binghamton 2015 Street Improvement Plan

In what he called an unprecedented number of city streets fixed this year, mayor Rich David announced the end of phase II of the Riverside Drive construction project today.

The announcement marks the end of the $8.2 million 2015 street improvement plan, which included 12.6 miles of mill, pave and microsurfacing, 1.2 miles of full street reconstruction, along with the New York State Department of Transportation projects on front and prospect streets.

"One of the most frequent comments I would receive from neighbors who either have been in this community for decades or who are lifelong residents born and raised here, they would say comments like my street hasn't been repaired or fixed in 20, 30 or 40 years," said Mayor Rich David

Other road infrastructure improvements also included the installation of these inline hydrodynamic separators, which remove garbage from water draining from streets into the Susquehanna River.