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Maine-Endwell Cheerleading Squad continues success in STAC's

Cheerleading is not a sport with pom pom's and pretty faces. It's a competition filled with team intensity and passion.

"Definitely hard work and dedication. They are here all the time and they never complain about coming to practice six days a week," said Head Coach Daniella Weston.

"I love interacting with the crowd at games. You kind of get a second view when you are looking up at the crowd. It's really fun and high energy all the time," said Amber Guy, Junior Cheerleader.

Maine-Endwell just won the 2015 Fall STAC Championship as Grand Champs with a score of 102.45. The Spartans have also been STAC Champions in the Spring for two straight years.

"I never had the chance to win a STAC competition while I was in High School and it's just the most amazing feeling to come back and see Maine-Endwell and the program become so incredibly strong," said Coach Weston.

And there is something special about M-E. They are more than just a winning team, they are best friends on and off the mat.

"We do have incredible skilled people on our team and we don't expect to win at all we just try our hardest and put everything on the mat that we can and hope the best results come out of it," said Guy.

"We put hard work and dedication into it and us getting along helps us out so much" said Senior Cheerleader Brianna Gadziala.

Unlike most teams in the area, the Spartans have a talented boy on the team named Kyle Koritkowski. The junior began to love cheerleading when he watch his sister cheer when his family lived in West Virigina.

"Yeah, I am a guy and I wear make-up but also it's really fun to show that it's just not a girl sport. It's also a guy sport, there is diversity in everything and it's always good to be different and have a great diverse community in cheer," said Junior Kyle Koritkowski.

And even when he has competed in different schools, he has received only a positive reaction from the cheerleading community.

"People get to understand you and get to see your own picture because it doesn't have to be cookie cutter or black and white. There are so many things that you can be and it's fun to show that," Said Koritkowski.

"He has been awesome. He has blended in with this team and is just like everyone else. People love him everywhere we go and everyone loves watching him," said Coach Weston.

And I had to ask this question. With so much success in Spartan-land, which team is better, football or cheer?

"We are catching up, we are trying to catch up. We are trying to represent them just as they represent our school," said Guy.

"Definitely if we put in the hard work and time," said Koritkowski.

"I don't think you can compare them, they are quite even," said Gadziala.