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Local Family Takes Halloween Decorations To The Next Level

By Brianna Case.
Get ready to be spooked tonight on Margaret street in Binghamton. Sully's yard haunt is more than just your average jack-o-latern at the front door. For over twenty years the Sullivan family has added more and more to their Halloween filled yard. It's something they take pride in.

"I'm part decorator with the help of my uncle. He mostly stores all the stuff for me and I come up with ideas and he follows through and makes them," said Brandon Sullivan.

This isn't your average Halloween home though. Brandon and his uncle bill make and buy all the decorations.They have a special process to get the yard looking spooky and it's not something that happens over night.

"It takes about a couple days. By ten or eleven o'clock tonight everything will be taken down," said Brandon Sullivan.

The Sullivans look forward to decorating their yard every year for Halloween and this year they hope to break their record of over three hundred people.

"I hope we break record this year. There's people from all over that come in to our neighborhood. It's a nice flat area. There's a lot of homes that put out their light for Halloween. On a beautiful night we get a lot of kids," said Bill Sullivan.

You can check out Sully's Yard Haunt, tonight at 63 Margaret Street, but keep those eyes wide open for spooks.