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4th Annual Everything Chocolate Festival Preview

Over 20 choclatiers, restaurants, caterers and more will be coming out to the fourth annual chocolate festival Sunday to benefit The Addiction Center of Broome County.

The ACBC which is a non-profit organization, focuses on alcoholism and substance abuse.

They have many programs that help people with those issues safely and successfully get out of it and back on their own.

By having a festival like the chocolate festival, the ACBC will be able to keep funding their program.

"Chocolate candy, chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate strawberries, chocolate cookies. I'm telling you, the sky is the limit as far as chocolate goes. I can't imagine for anybody that loves chocolate and to be able to support a great charity at the same time that you could better spend 10 dollars and you can this weekend on Sunday," said Carole Kukis, Abuse Counselor at ACBC.

The 4th Annual Everything Chocolate Festival will be this Sunday from one to four p.m. Tickets will be on sale at the door.