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FEN Grants For Service Expansion

Literacy volunteers of Broome and Tioga Counties received around $15,000 in grant money to expand their literary adult program from Broome into Tioga county.

With education and employment being so important to volunteers, they hope that people will become more employable by helping them with the resources to get their GED or High School Diplomas.

"Part of what the success of it is is breaking down some of the barriers that students have and some of those are transportation and child care to a site while they are working on their educations," said Sandele Wenzel, Family Literary Specialist at Family Enrichment Network.

According to Wenzel, Tioga doesn't have public transportation or rooms for child care and by bringing this program to Tigoa, people will be able to utilize it to get to where they need to go and have reliable child care along the way.

This wasn't the only grant that will help families. More than two million dollars was given for Family Enrichment Network.