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Local Business to Reform Practices After Complaints

A Binghamton business has agreed to reform its practices in delivering accessibility equipment to consumers.

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has announced that his office reached an agreement with Access Unlimited and Craftsmen Mobility. Following several consumer complaints, the Attorney General’s office looked into whether the businesses had collected deposits for the purchase and installation of lift equipment while failing to deliver these products in a timely manner.

As part of the agreement announced Friday, the business must improve disclosures to consumers, allow consumers to cancel certain orders for a full refund, and pay $10,000 in costs and penalties.

Both Access Unlimited and Craftsmen Mobility are owned and operated by Thomas Egan.

Some of the equipment that consumers allege were not installed in a timely manner includes lifts for vehicles, bathrooms, and beds, as well as steering wheel mounted control pads to operate motor vehicles.

“Consumers deserve to be treated fairly, and that starts with businesses delivering on the promises they make to customers,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “The agreement announced today will ensure that consumers buying mobility equipment will receive clear disclosures about their purchases and may obtain a refund when they don’t receive what’s promised.”

The investigation revealed that some customers had to wait over a year for delivery of equipment they had paid a deposit on, while in other instances, family members had to wait so long for delivery, they no longer had a use for the equipment because their loved one either passed away or their health deteriorated to such an extent that they could not use it. In addition, these customers had a difficult time cancelling the order or receiving a refund.

As a part of the agreement, Mr. Egan will inform consumers at the time they order products or services of the expected date for delivery or installation or notify consumers in writing of the exact nature and reason for a delay and when delivery or installation will take place. Consumers will be given no less than 10 days’ notice that they have the option to cancel with a complete refund. Egan also agreed that he will refund consumers within 30 days of cancellation. As a part of the agreement, Egan paid $10,000 in costs and penalties.