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Update From Senator Schumer on Recommendations After '14 Ithaca Crash

Senator Charles Schumer is announcing final road safety recommendations as a result of a deadly 2014 accident.

The incident occured in Ithaca in June of '14, a tractor trailer crashed into Simeon's Restaurant near Route 79. One person was killed and seven others were injured. Schumer called on the federal safety board to study design roads and make recommendations to prevent another similar accident.

Senator Charles Schumer says," Today I am pleased to say they have heeded our call and they put out a preliminary draft of the findings. They have set a way to change the traffic patterns at the east end of Ithaca Commons. As well as change the traffic lighting and other kinds of markings so that crashes would be far less likely."

Schumer says he will make sure these recommendations are finalized so he can get federal funding for the project.