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Local Elementary School Hosts Safety Night In Time For Halloween

By Faith Jessie.
Many children and their parents came out to Theodore Roosevelt Elementary tonight to participate in safety focused activities like talking to police and firemen.

"We're just here to let them know that, we're here to help them and really just to save them in any instance they need, " said Binghamton firefighter, Ron Mason

After grabbing a yellow trick-or-treating bag kids could go from booth to booth to get some fun toys, candy, and most importantly, some valuable safety tips.

"I would definitely recommenced to kids to go to homes where they know the people, stay close to their neighborhood, be with adults and if it doesn't look like a safe place to go, skip that house." said David Chilson, Principal of Theodore Roosevelt Elementary.

Parents could also participate in an ID program which allowed them to register their children for identification badges that could come in handy if their kids get lost.

"You register your child, and then we come through. We do the photographs, the finger printing, we make the little ID cards," said John Darrow, Broome/Chenango Masonic Safety ID Program Coordinator

This is the 2nd year Theodore Roosevelt Elementary school hosted the safety night and its just in time for everyone's favorite holiday.

Have a safe Halloween.