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Heroin Awareness Event at Johnson City Church

By Emily Girsch.
An event tonight in Johnson City further raised awareness of the heroin epidemic. Fox 40 spoke with officials on how the event will help concerned residents do.

"To be able to recognize the signs in the people that are troubled by it and to get some information on what to do when you're aware that somebody is being effected by it," said Rob Heebner, Broome County legislator.

Many attended the event at Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial Church. The turnout shows that many area residents are aware of the problem and are concerned by it. Some are concerned for personal reasons.

"Around 7th or 8th grade, I started getting involved in the wrong crowd and by high school I was using heroin on a daily basis," said Michael John Barton of the 'Dreams Over Drugs' organization.

"I was fortunate enough to get clean by the time I was in my senior year in high school. Within the last few years, we started noticing all the peers that were passing away."

"Dream Over Drugs" is a foundation that sends volunteers to middle schools and high schools to persuade kids not to touch drugs.