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Joan Osborne, Mavis Staples perform at BU

By Emily Girsch.
The crowd was rockin' like they did during the Bill Clinton era at BU this evening.

7-time Grammy-nominated singer Joan Osborne performed along with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Mavis Staples. They teamed up to put on a show teens of the '90's came out to enjoy.

When asked how long she's been listening to the artists, concert goer Kim Merithew said, "As long as they've been producing music. I just love the sound. The two of them together, I assume it's going to be an amazing show tonight."

Osborne's talents have led her to sharing stages with The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Dylan.

Staples has been busy documenting her life in the feature-film, "Mavis!"

Osborne and Staples both played their own sets, but they sang a duet as part of the show's finale.

Both artists are promoting their new albums in the event tonight that is part of the "Solid Soul" tour.