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Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Halloween

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
With Halloween approaching, it's important for parents to be aware of trick of treating tips to make sure that their kids have a fun, safe time.

The Broome County Sheriff advises parents to make sure that their kids save all of their candy until they get home, and to thoroughly inspect their treats, throwing away any candy that seems suspicious.

But the Poison Control Center for Upstate New York says that the dangers don't end with tampered candy. It's also important to look out for Halloween makeup and masks that may have heavy metals in them, like lead or chromium.

It's also important to keep an eye out for candy that may be easily accessible to pets. Dogs can become very ill or even die by consuming even small amounts of chocolate.

Keeping these tips in mind, will help ensure a safe and fun Halloween experience for everyone.