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BU Plays Sends Audience Home With A Lesson

By Brianna Case.
Binghamton University wrapped up their family weekend with one last student performance of the god of carnage.

The dramatic play featured students from BU who told a story about a playground fight that taught two boys and their families a valuable lesson.

Tom Kremer is the director of the play. He chose this play during parents weekend hoping that parents would get a little something out of it to bring home.

"To get the audience to come away from the play with a question in their mind and a question that they can use to reflect upon their life. In other words are they walking around just not caring at all and maybe they should be a little more conscience of it. Are they socially conscience that it's becoming a pain in the you know what," said Tom Kremer, Director.

It was a great turnout for BU. Students and their families filled the theater on todays sold out show.