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Free Health Services Delivered At A Medical Mission

By Brianna Case.
Saturday, the Medical Mission provided hundreds with medical care they may have not been able to get anywhere else.

"This is an opportunity for our ministry at Lourdes Hospital to reach out to the community, to try and get a sense of what they need. To find out who is able to access health care and who is having struggle with it," said Marlyn Perkins, Vice President of Mission Integration.

Lourdes professionals say that was their exact mission and today and they were able to do just what they wanted to do... that is to help others.

Many of these free services include oral, foot, wound, and dental care. Lourdes Hospital also gave women the opportunity to get a mammogram in their mobile mammography van.

"Breast cancer is a curable condition if caught pretty early, so screening is very important," said Perkins.

The "Mission In Motion" mobile mammography van is healthcare on wheels providing breast exams and digital mammography screenings today.

"I appreciate what the program is and for... those who don't have insurance or whatever, they can get it taken care of," said Roger Roberts, patient.

Lourdes associates helping out at today's event say that it is health care that leaves no one behind and they are sticking to it.