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Broome County Bans Electronic Cigarettes From County Buildings

By Faith Jessie.
Vaping has become a popular alternative to cigarettes in the smoking community.

Supporters of this vaping movement say the vapor produced by these battery powered pieces has far less toxins than cigarettes and helps people to stop smoking.

"Four hundred thousand people a year are dying from cigarettes and this is a solution that is actually working for people," said Johnny Burns, Vape King owner

Today, the Broome County legislature unanimously voted to ban electronic smoking products from county buildings. They say this product is not as safe as it appears and should be banned from indoor public places.

"The vaping has not been approved by the FDA as a smoking sensation option. People who have never smoked cigarettes and they start vaping...they often go to cigarettes," said Broome County Legislator, Kim Meyers.

"I'm inside Vapor king right now where they sell pieces like this one, along with the liquid that goes inside of it. They say, it's a better alternative to smoking cigarettes."

"I think that this product is helping a lot of people to quit smoking...there is no doubt about it. So we should definitely be embracing the solution and not trying to scare people away from it," said Johnny Burns, Vape King owner.

But some aren't focusing on those who are trying to quit, their focusing on young people who might want to get started.

"Our young people, high school people, junior high kids, who are trying these products, thinking they are much safer than typical cigarettes, have to think again because these products contain toxins," said Claudia Edwards, Broome County Public Health Director.

The Broome County legislature pushed to ban electronic cigarettes in all places covered by the Clean Indoor Air Act but did not succeed.