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Schneiderman: Road to World Series runs through Binghamton

Even if you're not a Mets fan there's reason to celebrate and cheer on the Mets in the 2015 World Series. If you've been to a B-Mets game in the last 11 years you've likely seen a member of the National League Champions. Of the 25 players on the National League Championship Series roster, 17 of them spent time as a member of the Binghamton Mets.

While in town on Friday, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman spoke about how thrilling it is to have the B-Mets serve as a prominent pipeline for the Major Leagues and that the success locally is paying off at the big league level.

"I've been telling some of my friends back in New York City who seem to believe that ballplayers pop up like flowers in the spring that in fact, I think it's 17 of the players who are on the National League Champion Mets team came through the Binghamton Mets," Schneiderman said. "It's a great thing for this community and it's a great organization that we're very proud of."

The World Series begins Tuesday between the New York Mets and the yet to be determined American League Champion. As of Friday afternoon, the Kansas City Royals lead the Toronto Blue Jays in the best-of-7 ALCS.