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BU Women's Basketball gets big addition with Alyssa James in the frontcourt

To women's basketball and the Bearcats are on their 13th practice of the season today and one player has stood out among the new faces and that's transfer Alyssa James. She comes to BU from Coach Cimino's last gig at Caldwell university. She replaces Sherae Swinson inside and at 6-foot-1 she will be the big rebounding machine. In her first year at Caldwell she averaged 9.7 boards a game which was third in the conference. Coach Cim is happy she came along with her to BU because she now has the post player who can play in her up tempo offense.

"She's a shot blocker, she's a rebounder and we really struggled on the offensive boards last year in terms of giving up too many. I really think just having her presence inside is going to change our defense," said Coach Cimino.

"When I was in High School I never really scored that much but I used to get a lot of rebounds a game, so that's a big thing I plan on giving to this team and bring leadership in the post because yeah we had Sherae last year but it's going to be different without her," said Sophomore Alyssa James.

Bearcats take on East Stroudsburg University on Novemeber 6th at 5:30 pm in the Events Center.