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Sen. Schumer Rallies to Keep Christmas Train Running through Binghamton

Senator Schumer is rallying to keep a popular Christmas train chugging through the Southern Tier this year.

For years the Canadian Pacific Rem ran its holiday train through Binghamton and Oneonta communities.

However, this year Canadian Pacific Rem sold 280 miles of track to Norfolk Southern and as a result of the deal, the holiday train will be discontinued.

Senator Schumer is urging the two railroads to come to an agreement that will keep the train running this holiday season.

"People come from miles around," Senator Schumer told Fox 40. "Young people come for years and years and to discontinue the tradition of the Christmas train would be Scrooge-life really for the Norfolk and Southern Railroads."

In addition to bringing the spirit of Christmas to the region, the train also raises thousands of dollars in donations for local charities and food banks.

Schumer says moving forward without the train will result in a loss of revenue from these donations at a time when they are critically needed.