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Magic City Music Hall Makes Its Magical Return

By Faith Jessie.
It's about to get real loud in Binghamton...The Magic City Music Hall is back.

The Music joint that was once located in Johnson City closed back in 2008. But it's back this time located on Upper Front Street..with a face lift.

"The other music hall we did, that closed in 2008, we did some fantastic shows there over the course of time. With the capacity actually being double, we are going to do some really amazing shows here over the course of time." said Stu Green, the owner.

The lineup is already looking good with a variety of local rock and country bands set to play, along with some national tours like Sublime and Eric Paslay.

The new hall will hold about 3,000 people and features an 80 foot bar.

"Here, its gonna be like the old place, its gonna be a party atmosphere. You can walk around, talk to your friends and also enjoy great music and shows." said Green.

In addition to music acts, the hall will hosts a Giggles Comedy Night, a Magic Mike Ladies night and...

"We're gonna have little people wrestling...we're going to do all types of stuff in the place," said Green.

The opening weekend is set to be packed with performers like the Ozzy Osborne tribute band Land of Oz and headliner REO Speedwagon,

Land of Oz is actually performing at the grand opening tomorrow and the show is free of charge.

The legend is back. Check out the photosphere!


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