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Bills Signed For Women's Equality Programs

By Faith Jessie.
Pregnancy, discrimination, equal pay in the work place and domestic violence...these are real issues that New York women face everyday.

"And my doctor basically told me that I had to refrain from heavy lifting to get rest to make sure the baby was okay....once my employer took one look at the note he sent me home without pay indefinitely," Victim of pregnancy discrimination.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a series of 8 bills focused on ending these real issues.

The bills took care of some loop holes like ones that allowed employers to prohibit discussion of salaries which meant, women didn't know if they were getting paid the same as men that were doing the same job.

"There was a large loop hole in New York equal pay law that allowed employers to justify paying female employees less and it now outlaws that.
It outlaws work place wage secrecy policies," Donna Lupardo, New York State Assemblywoman.

The legislation also strengthens order of protection laws.

"We do a lot of assistance with orders of protection for clients.
We're in a family court three days a week...we keep trying to figure out what works," Rebecca Allerton, Executive Director RISE.

"I think the legislation is important but we have to keep in mind that now the work is gonna begin," Raini Baudendistel, Executive Director Crimes Victims Assistance Center.

Work that will involve enforcement and educating women in the community so they know these bills exist.