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Local Science Fair Sparks Student Interest in Math and Science

At East Middle School, local teens from the 4-H Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County's Citizen U. Program showed up to get kids excited about science and math.

Students participated in a variety of hands-on projects that included lemon volcanoes, computer programs, and even worked with animal skulls!

Event attendee, Amy Glasgow says, "Just seeing the kids get so excited about these things that in school they don't get to do the really fun activities. They learn about the chemistry but there's no time to do lemon volcano so you get to see them and then you get to hear them say, 'I want to be a chemist when I grow up. I want to be a scientist.' Sometimes 'I want to do math.' You get to see that growth."

Glasgow also said that sparking these students' interest in math and science careers while they're in middle school is productive because that's when they discover their strengths.

Studies have also shown that after-school programs are a vital component of student success.