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JC Fire Kills Two Children; One Person Arrested

By Alexander Howard.
At approximately 2am this morning a fire broke out on the third story of a house located at 145 Floral Avenue in Johnson City. First Respondents arrived on the scene to two Women on the front lawn of the property with severe burns. They had apparently jumped from the third story window due to the severe heat.

Police on scene went into the house to rescue two children, aged 3 and 4 who were trapped inside, but could not get to them because of the intense heat. Fireman later made their way to the upstairs where the found the two had perished in the fire. The two women are currently being treated at a burn center and are in critical condition.

Police have arrested 38 year old Dwight D. Burton and charged him with Murder and Arson, both in the first degree. he is being kept at the Broome County Jail and was arraigned. Police say gasoline was used to ignite the house, but have not commented on the motive or details of the crime.