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Fighting Drugs With A Side Of Chili

What better way to raise some money and awareness than to host a chili cook off.

That's what the group I'm Dope Without Dope decided to do today to raise awareness of the fight against heroin.

And what a turnout! With multiple businesses participating in the cook off as well as some well-known people in the area, I'm Dope Without Dope got their message out with some chili on the side.

"Any publicity that we can get is more awareness that there are people that and are acknowledge fighting the heroine epidemic. There are people that understand there needs to fought together. What it does is bring people that don't know and people that do know, so they can go back," said Joe Gonzalez.

Although the chili cook off was fun and tasty, the main reason I'm Dope Without Dope hosted the event was to raise awareness on the serious drug problem in the area and to get help for addicts who are trying to fight it.