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Comic-Con Takes Over Tioga Downs

Today was a day for comic book lovers to fan out. The River Road Expo's Comic-Con gave fans a chance to almost become a part of their favorite comics rather than just reading them.

"We have vendors, people who do comic books, toy vendors. People who have their original artwork they are doing, original books, sketches. It's everything for everyone," said Brian Luke, River Road Expo's Planning Committee.

Bob McLeod is an artist for Marvel and DC comics that sees the importance of being a part of a comic con and how it can make someone feel.

"It's nice to meet the fans, to see people who are actually reading my work and enjoying my work because I work in isolation at home so it's like you are working in a vacuum until you come to a place like this and see people that appreciate your effort," said Bob McLeod.

Whether you are here to get an autograph, check out some photos, or even purchase a shirt, there is plenty to do at the River Road Expo.

"My favorite thing is always the costumes. I always love people coming out and just show what they have been working on and it's always fantastic stuff, always is," said Justin Schroeder, Comic-Con attendee.

A great time for everyone to share the love they have for comics, and maybe even be the part of the character they idolize the most.