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SPEAK Animal Hospital Throws Event To Get Cats Adopted.

Today was a fun filled afternoon with lots of sweets and furry friends to not only play with, but bring home.

From kittens to adult cats, there was quite the variety to choose from at the Purrs and Pumpkins meet, greet, and adopt event.

The SPEAK Animal Hospital hosted this event today in hopes of finding their cats a new home.

Participants supported the shelter by picking up some treats at the bake sale while making the big decision on what cat to add to their family.

"Organizing with all the staff and then making sure that the cats are ready as well. plus we have our bake sale that everyone made stuff for that," said Vicki Weber, SPEAK Animal Hospital Employee.

It's not too late to enjoy the fun and bring home a furry friend. The Purrs and Pumpkins meet, greet, and adopt event will continue next Saturday from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.