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Special Education Students MOVE at BOCES

By Alex Howard.
A special education program at BOCES received national recognition Friday for it's efforts to get students to use their ability to increase their mobility.

Representatives from Mobility Opportunities Via Education International dedicated Broome Tioga BOCES as a MOVE International Model Site.

BOCES' Special Education Program uses equipment and techniques aimed at getting students out of their wheelchair and onto their feet. The dedication ceremony Friday featured students who were directly by benefited the program, not only through self esteem, but also socially, emotionally and academically.

"So all of that is just huge leaps and bounds, gains from where they were before, but it also has some real positive impact on their health. We know that sitting in wheelchairs is not good for people, respiratory issues, digestive issues, when you get up standing and moving around you know you help those things, you help bone health," said Maggie Collins, Director of Special Education.

Friday's ceremony featured a mobility parade. With the recognition, BOCES special education program is one of just a handful in the country to receive the International Model Site designation.