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Lourdes Hospital Celebrates Women

If you thought 5K runs and walks were the only way to raise awareness for breast cancer, think again.

Tonight Lourdes Hospital hosted it's 7th annual "Celebration of Women."

The special evening included food, drinks, manicures, a fashion show, and shopping til you drop.

Attendee Fiona Cleugh said, "One year I was a model. So I said Zari, you want to go to the Women's Celebration? We can have a mother/daughter night! And so here we are. "

Attendees could make a 5 dollar donation at the door that benefits the Gellar Fund, which helps cancer patients receiving treatment by providing financial aid.

Lourdes Hospital Media Relations Manager Kathy Cramer said, "You know, not everything is covered by insurance. Families incur a lot of expenses when they're faced with cancer so the Gellar Fund is a fund that helps them with you know, some hardships that they face when they're going through their treatment."

Dr. Marilyn Gellar herself spoke at the event.