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Fiala Realizes She Must Hustle In The Final Stretch

The Democratic Women of Broome County held its annual "Meet the Candidates" event and it brought out a local candidate who is entering the final stretch of her campaign.

State Senate candidate Barbara Fiala met with fellow Democrats at the party headquarters in Binghamton this evening.

She has just under twenty days until polls open on election day. We spoke with the former Broome County Executive about what she is doing in these final days before voters make their decision.

State Senate Candidate Barbara Fiala said, "Were less than three weeks out, very aggressive, were going to have a lot more advertising and really knocking on doors, there's a big sweep for a drop this weekend and hopefully the weather gonna be nice and were gonna get out the vote, which is very very important particularly during an off year."

Among other party members, the event tonight was attended by Broome County District Attorney Gerald Mollen.