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Endicott Code Violation Dispute Heads to Court

A man claims he was evicted because he reported code violations in his apartment. The Endicott code enforcement department has received multiple reports of violations over the past several years at an apartment complex at 1408 East Main Street.

Richard Fogu lives at 1408 main street in Endicott with his wife, dog and cat, and he says it hasn't been comfortable. He says broken windows and other code issues have plagued the building. But reporting them didn't go over well.

"On October 2nd, I went to code enforcement here in Endicott, and on October 8th I was evicted.' said Richard Fogu. But the apartment isn't the only thing he lost.

"I'm taking them to Civil Court because the window that was gone, it rained and rained and it ruined my drum-set, comic books, and it ruined a lot of my wife's cosmetology stuff. (Alex Howard) "How much would you say that's all valued at?" "About $1700" said Richard Fogu.

A neighboring property owner say he has seen problems.

"We're trying to start a business which is a food service business called extreme taco. And the thing is that their trash has been blowing over here for years, people trespass on the property, the property has been damaged." said Richard Teneyck.

The owners of the building, Tager Management, which owns 39 properties throughout Broome County declined to speak on camera, but claims Fogu broke the windows himself to avoid paying rent. T

ager says it sent someone to repair a broken window but discovered others. The company says Fogu failed to pay rent for August, September, and October. The company also says Fogu pulled a gun on an employee when she was attempting to show the property.

Police report from the alleged gun incident says that Fogu's lighter was mistaken for a gun, and that the representative from Tager Management did not feel menaced by him.

Fogu and his wife are due in the Town of Union Civil Court Thursday to fight their eviction. The Endicott Code Department is currently investigating the complaints about the property.