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Democratic Headquarters in Binghamton hosts Debate Watch Party

By Emily Girsch.
Fox 40 was at the Democratic Headquarters in Binghamton earlier this evening where guests seemed to be primarily either Team Hillary or Team Bernie, but the stronger sentiment seemed to be for the party as a whole.

The head of the Broome County Democrats Jim Testani said the early debates serve to get Democrats excited for the upcoming election and for the core values the left represents.

"I see two major candidates both of whom want to establish themselves with their own base," sasid Testani.

"Bernie Sanders is the populous candidate and he's going to come out as the populous candidate. I expect Secretary Clinton is going to come out as the person who comes out as secretary of state and [says] 'I've got all this experience' and then on the other side you've got Chafee,Webb and O'Malley who are going to want people to say, 'Look at me, I'm here too.'"

The next Democratic debate will take place on November 14th from Iowa.