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CHOW Offers New Community Wellness Center In Binghamton

The Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse - or CHOW - is expanding its Hunger Relief Program with a new community wellness center on the south side of Binghamton.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony opened the new building. The center will offer special gardening and cooking programs and help families become self-sufficient to find a way out of poverty. Cooking and gardening classes will be held in the coming weeks. The wellness center should be fully operational by next month.

"Now we are going to be focusing on the wellness that is required not only to get people into a better place today but in the future too. We want to see people gain employment, you can teach people skills in our warehouse, serving our community, and have them get jobs and lift them out of poverty," said Mike Leahey, Director of CHOW.

The Broome Leadership Institute and Habitat for Humanity helped build the center.