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Democratic Presidential Debate Preview

Anticipation at the Broome County Democratic Headquarters today, leading up to the first democratic presidential debate. In a race led by Hillary Clinton, the challenge is on the other candidates, particularly Bernie Sanders, to close the gap.

"They have to be able to somehow say something or do something to get themselves talked about on the news tomorrow morning." said Jim Testani, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Broome County.
Meanwhile, the Republican Party hopes Hillary Clinton will address controversies surrounding her campaign.

"Whether Hillary Clinton will answer questions about the controversies and scandals about her email servers, whether Hillary Clinton will answer questions about the controversies and scandals regarding Benghazi and all of the rest of her time at the Department of State." said Bejoy Datta the Chairman of the Republican Party of Broome County

Even Senator Charles Schumer weighed in on the debate from Owego today.
"The number one issue that i hope all the candidates will address is how do we keep people in the middle class and how do we get people to the middle class, it gets harder and harder to keep people in the middle class these days. that's the number one issue facing the country." said Senator Charles Schumer.
An issue bound to come up tonight in Las Vegas. While there are only 5 candidates expected to be on stage tonight, only 3 candidates right now are polling above 5%, and one of them isn't even in the race yet. Joe Biden will have an empty lectern on stage, after polling at about 19 %.
Compare that to Bernie Sanders's 25% and Hillary Clinton's 44%. That means Chafee, O'malley and Webb aren't exactly odds on favorites.