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Fall Foliage in Peak Color

Fall foliage, a change so dramatic, it can be seen from space, and heard with every step. Fall in New York, it's hard to beat when the color and the weather cooperate. "Yeah this is the best place to catch it, especially when you're driving up (Route) 17 you see the transformation, everything goes from green to all these beautiful different colors." said Michael Pia, Binghamton University Student
beauty, bringing people from far and wide
"We definitely do see spikes in our tourist visitors at this time of year, we get a lot more calls on our 800 number and inquiries through our website, people are definitely interested in seeing it, especially people who live just a bit outside of it, they don't normally see this type of thing, because it is pretty magnificent." said Judi Hess, from the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce
Mike Harris has run Lone Maple Farms with his wife for 42 years, and the fall tourists coming for apple and pumpkin picking are plenty to keep him busy.
"We get a lot of folks from downstate, from New York City and Long Island area venturing up here as well as local people, their comments are all the same, its just so breathtaking." said Mike Harris
Thousands of people come to Upstate New York every autumn to see the changing of the leaves and with the dryer air that we've been having, that means the trees keep their air for longer, letting people stay outside."
leaves in our area are currently at peak color, and will fade in early November.