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An Apparent Protector Against Overdoses On Display In Sidney

Opioid use is a growing epidemic in the Southern Tier and Narcan, also known as Naloxone is a popular drug which reverses a heroin overdose.

Thursday night, more than 100 people attended an Opioid Overdose Prevention program and Responder Training in Sidney.

The training provided the public with knowledge on what opioids are, recognizing the signs of overdoses and the specific steps to take when responding to an overdose.

Alexis Pleus, founder of Truth Pharm says that this kind of event is a great first step in the combat against heroin.

Pleus said, "Narcan has become this thing that people can talk about safely rather than talk about families being addicted and they can come to a training like this and say, 'Well I just want to have it in case my neighbor overdoses', and any one of us can have this tool and just randomly save a life in a parking lot or a public restroom."

If you are interested in being trained on responding to an opioid overdose and receiving a Naloxone kit, you can call the Southern Tier Aids Program in Johnson City at (607)798-1706. Officials say the training is free and will only take about ten minutes to complete.