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Attendance Matters: National Campaign to keep kids in school

Almost 7.5 million students miss at least 10% of school every year according to the U.S. Department of Education, prompting a nationwide campaign to reduce chronic absence. The program, called Every Student, Every Day has partnered with Promise Zone of Broome County and Attendance Matters to boost student performance through decreased absence, excused or not.

Hedy Chang from Attendance Matters talked to local educators about ways, such as networking with parents, to improve attendance. "When kids don't show up, one of my worries is that people think this is because parents don't care, but that's not what we found. We find parents care, what they don't get is how absences can add up and they also don't realize that they can reach out to each other and our communities for help." said Hedy Chang the Director of Attendance Matters

"It's really important for us to count all absences into our attendance data and begin to address them very early in the school year. September is a real telling month." said Mary Kay Frys, Superintendent of Johnson City Central Schools.
The goal of the program is to decrease absenteeism by 10% each year.