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Red Ribbon Day: Encouraging Elementary Students to make good choices

Having a role model early in life can help kids make the right choices later on. That's exactly what Vestal High School students had in mind when visiting elementary classrooms today. Members of students against destructive decisions visited the 5 Vestal Elementary schools, talking to kids about making good choices, avoiding negative peer pressure and doing the right thing. They handed out red ribbons as a part of a national anti drug campaign. The ribbons will also get them into Vestal High School's football game on Friday for free. "We need to start having an intolerance to drugs, and say no so now we use this Red Ribbon Day as a symbol and we give the kids the Red Ribbons to remember, don't make bad choices because it can mess up your life in the future." said Vestal High School senior Erin Kelley,
Vestal Central School District has been celebrating Red Ribbon Day for over 25 years.