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Construction Career Day Informs Students

By Alex Howard.
Recruiting and Training for the next generation of construction workers.

"I'm just interested in learning about all the different things I could do," said Jessica Martin, student.

Almost 600 students from Cortland, Broome, and Tioga Counties came to construction career day to see the diverse opportunities the industry has to offer.

"The Construction industry is a very exciting industry, I mean its a chosen industry that I've made the choice to enter into and its nice to be able to share that passion and interest with students," said Jack Williams, Director of Region Nine for the New York State Department of Transportation.

Passion and interest, fueled by hands on experience. Another part of student's
hands on experience included trying out some of the construction equipment, like bulldozers and dump trucks. "I've always wanted to run equipment when i was a young kid, as I get old, now that i can actually run the equipment, it makes me want to do it more," said student Tanner Ensign.

"There's a lot of opportunities that are right in front of them here today, and quite honestly I don't think a lot of them know that they can make the salaries that they are seeing on the boards," said Matt McManus, Chairperson for Construction Career Day.

Salaries that show that a career in construction can be a viable and rewarding option.

****Reporting from Chenango Bridge, Alex Howard, Fox 40 News****