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Broome County DA Candidates Square Off

By Donnie Dwyer.
When you flip through the channels you may come across this advertisement, Mirella Masciarelli supporting Steve Cornwell for Broome County District Attorney.

"She followed me on Facebook, I never met her before and she contacted me and wanted to speak to me about my ideas and plans and said that she really believes in me," said Cornwell.

"I believe in him 100 percent, we are no longer in 1980. We are in 2015 and we need a change," said Masciarelli.

Masciarelli is upset about the way she says current District Attorney Gerald Mollen handled her son's case She claims Mollen has insulted her through email and in person.

"Ms. Masciarelli told me I was her hero. She now wants me to charge 2 people who are critical witnesses with a misdemeanor level crime of which they are not guilty," said Mollen.

"Gerald Mollen is not my hero, our law enforcement is our hero. They are the ones that got this case together for Gerald Mollen," said Masciarelli.

During his 28 years in office, this is the first complaint Mollen says he has received on the job.

"Her emotions and feelings are understandable but that's part of being District Attorney. If that's what she needs to start to heal then that's my job to absorb it," said Mollen.

A key issue in the race is fighting the heroin and drug epidemic in the community. Cornwell says he has a plan to create more treatment options.

"If we increase our asset forfeitures, we can take that money and earmark it to prevention programs and treatment programs. Currently it's not a being utilized," said Cornwell.

"You can't use the money that comes in to the DA's office for treatment. It can't be done. It's illegal, said Mollen.

Mollen says he has teamed with Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas to propose a bill to the New York State Legislature to make changes to the state's Penal Law, including holding heroin dealers accountable for the deaths their product causes.

****In Endwell, Donnie Dwyer, FOX 40 HD News****