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Vestal Fire Safety at Elementary Schools

"We don't want fire safety to take a back seat, this year's message is if you hear the beep, move your feet, you know, have a smoke detector in every bedroom." - Ken Fortier, Vestal Fire Prevention Officer. Ken Fortier is Vestal's Fire Safety officer, today he was at African Road Elementary School to teach students what to do in case of fire. A couple important tips that students learned were to always have a family meeting ground, always check the batteries in your smoke detectors and to never be afraid of fire fighters.
"We don't want them to be scared of us, so we wear our air packs so they can hear us breathe, touch our gear and feel it, see what we do, try to make them comfortable with us." - Brian Terrell, Firefighter, Vestal Fire Department
Students got to see fire fighting gear, trucks and even meet the department's mascot, spot. The firefighters do a great job at helping the kids to be engaged in the program, they really enjoy the day and now they're having a little trip on the fire buses with them so we're happy to have them."( - Megan Stenta, principal of African Road Elementary. Making for a fun day, and a valuable lesson.
"If there's a fire, call 9-1-1 if they're hurt." - Devan Uppal, student.