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The Rude and Bold Women's Art Gallery Grand Opening

What exactly is a SHERO? Well, it's a woman hero- and it's also the theme of a compelling art show.

Today the Rude and Bold Woman's Art Gallery hosted the SHERO event in downtown Binghamton... a theme many consider empowering.

Patricia Raube states " Ithink the essential question that rude and bold women has asked from the beginning has been what does it mean to be a women in a society that's still dominated by a patriarch culture. And even though women have made tons of progress, we can still see that there's a lot of push back against that. So this is a place for women's voices to be heard."

All of the paintings displayed tonight were created by local female artists. Many of the women felt it's important to promote feeling of self potential. Among the show were several paintings, drawings and graphic art.
If you didn't get a chance to see the gallery today, there will be plenty
more up-comming events. For more information you can go to