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Shooting Incident Leaves Man In Critical Condition

A man is in critical condition right now following a shooting this morning.

Authorities say they found a 20-year-old male victim with a gunshot wound in the chest.

The incident occurred around two a.m. this morning on Murray St between Clinton St. and Gerard Ave...which is actually a big residential area for some Binghamton University students.

"I can't really remember but there was what sounded like a gun shot. Then some yelling..some people said it sounded like help...but there was a bunch of yelling and a couple hours later the ambulance showed up." said Gabriel Fernandez. Connor McDonald also added, "We came out and there was blood in the street. like in the center of the street there and over on the side walk there. Yeah, it was pretty scary to see that happening in your own neighborhood."

We also spoke to a local landlord who said, despite contacting the state on multiple occasions to help clean up the community and make it safer, no effort has been made. He said, simple things like fixing street lights and demolishing abandoned buildings can help prevent hazardous situations.