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The Zombies Have Arrived! Well, Kinda. The Zombie Walk Kicks Off!

The living dead are lurking the streets of Downtown Binghamton tonight. The 6th annual zombie walk is apart of Binghamton's First Friday, in celebration of the start of October.

We met up with a zombie to see why she came out.

"Ugggrrhh" said Zombie, Jessie Smeltza.

Unfortunately we don't speak zombie so we turned to a zombie hunter.

"I'm hunting zombies in a zombie walk today...you just aim the cross bow like this" said Zombie Hunter, Destiny Serrette as she showed us how to protect ourselves.

The undertaker is leading the zombies from Confluence Park through downtown to their final destination at Imagicka.

"The Binghamton Zombie Walk has always been both for the living and the dead, not just the recently dead and risen, but for the dead that don't rise and don't get a chance to communicate and connect with their loved ones, and of course the living who, during the month of October have the opportunity when the veils are thin to communicate with the distantly dead, "said The Undertaker.

So, if you're downtown tonight be sure to be on the look out. You've been warned!