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Friendly Competition to Collect Food for the Hungry

Students at Union-Endicott and Vestal High Schools are engaging in some friendly competition to collect donations for CHOW.

The competition runs through next Friday, October 9th. The competition will end at the UE/Vestal football game on the 9th.

Students from both schools are asking fellow students, parents, and others to bring non-perishable food to the game.

Student Organizer Alicia Kasson said, "It's so important, everyone knows someone who is a little less fortunate and it's great to just help them in any way you can especially with this holiday season coming up. And just having a little bit extra for them to eat. It's just a great feeling."

Union Endicott President Sephen DiStefano said, "Everybody in the building knows that they're our rival and we are always geared up for our big game against Vestal to add the donation for CHOW to the mix is just another added bonus to get pumped up for."

To add to the fun during half-time at the football game both principals will compete in a friendly football challenge.