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BU Receives Millions In Funding, Who Gets What?

BU's Integrated Electronics Engineering Center or IEEC worked pretty hard to win a 10 million dollar grant.

"A big part of winning the grant was proving that we could do this with local business and state wide companies." said Bagaht Sammakia, VP of IEEC research.

The center which has been open for about 20 years now, holds millions of dollars worth of equipment which is primarily used for research and to connect the university to businesses as they develop products.

The IEEC connects the university with more than 70 companies like IBM and GE, both locally and globally.

"Our main goal is to try to make the university available to businesses in the area." Stephen Cain, IEEC Staff.

The grant will be used to fund existing and new research projects like wearable electronics...think a sweater that can measure your health.
The grant will also fund scholarships so students can continue to learn and contribute.

"We involve the students in many of the projects that we do. We will act as guides for students and we expect the students to also take over some projects," said Cain.

"The center is really about research and education. These are the foundations. The students are key in doing the research and learning and researchers, whether its faculty or students are the foundation...from that work is economic development and impact on the community "said Bahgat Sammakia, VP of Research.

The center competed against several school for the grant and now that they've won, they will receive the 10 million over the next decade to continue their research and enrich young minds.