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Railroad Controversy in Dickinson

In the town of Dickinson, where residents believe that idle trains prevent emergency vehicles from entering this side of the street. Charlotte Truxal lives on rogers mountain way, and knows fist hand what it's like to be trapped by these trains. "I've actually been stuck here several times, and once recently had an emergency that we were on this side and needed to go to the hospital and the ambulance was on the other side and there was nothing we could do." - Charlotte Truxal, area resident. Phelps street connects her neighborhood to the rest of Port Dickinson, but there's only one problem. "There's only one way in and one way out." - Joel Kaie
"And for the past three years, it seems to be growing even moreso."
this forcing the Town of Dickinson to extend Phelps Street and create another outlet, but it's a race against the clock.
"Well obviously the weather plays a major role in this and we're very late in the season to get started and the rain of this last week has hampered things a little bit, but hopefully in a month and a half we're gonna be pushing to get it in before the winter." - Joel Kaie, Commissioner of Public Works
senator Charles Schumer weighed in on the controversy.
"Well they say good fences make good neighbors, but when the fence is a diesel spewing multi-ton idling Canadian Pacific train, that's not true." - Senator Charles Schumer
The town took out a loan for the street extension that they hope Canadian Pacific will help them pay back, but nothing is for sure.