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Can Binghamton Attract Top Health Talent?

By Fox 40 Staff.
How to bring better health care professionals to Binghamton? That's the goal for recruiters from Lourdes and UHS who spoke today to the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce....

They say there are expensive options such as student loan forgiveness and relocation bonuses. But a less expensive and more sustainable scenario would be having an improving economy help make Binghamton a destination location.

"I'm part of a legislative committee that sets up these programs, we thought that talking to the hospitals about physician recruitment and the impact of healthcare on the economy and recruitment on the economy was certainly important," says Maureen Wilson, sponsor of Eggs and Issues.

"And also talk about the challenges we have in this community to bring good physicians into the community and to be able to meet the community needs that we have," Kathy Connerton, CEO of Lourdes Hospital.

Thursday's talk was part of the chamber's Eggs and Issues round-table series.