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Chenango seminar encourages startup businesses

By Emily Girsch.
This is one of a number of seminars that could mean big bucks in Chenango County.

The Southern Tier Startup Alliance and Commerce Chenango are working together to discuss strategies that might improve businesses in the area.

Brad Treat, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Southern Tier Startup Alliance, led the seminar.

He explained how Chenango residents can set their ideas of starting their own businesses into motion.

He said these groups are small right now but they hope to expand them to a lot of areas in the county to give everyone a shot at becoming the boss.

Organizers said practical business ideas have a reality so if you have an idea, bring it forward.

Steve Palmatier, Workforce and Industrial Development Liaison for Commerce Chenango, organized the seminar.

Palmatier said these seminars are "A place where entrepreneurs can come together, develop their products, share ideas on how to do marketing and basically just create businesses."