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State Senate Candidate Fred Akshar Is On A Roll In The Polls

A new poll has given Republican State Senate Candidate Fred Akshar a big lead over Democrat Barbara Fiala.

A new Siena/Time Warner Cable poll has Republican Fred Akshar leading Democrat Barbara Fiala 59 percent to 31 percent in the race for the 52nd District State Senate seat.

"You know what, the whole experience has been positive. The feedback in the field has been great and again our message is resenating with folks, said Republican Candidate Fred Akshar.

"It's not always bad to be the underdog. First of all, you have to look at the time frame of the poll. He had been on TV 3 weeks prior to me. When the poll was taken, I was only on for one week, said Democrat Candidate Barbara Fiala.

These ads have brought out a lot about the candidates. Akshar has focused on not being a politician and working on beating heroin and Fiala has focused on her experience. But the ad that has been getting negative feedback is the Fiala ad criticizing Akshar for overtime pay, a pending lawsuit, and facial hair he used to have.

"We have an ad that I will stand by and it had nothing to do with facial hair but if anyone buys into that, they are not listening to the message," said Fiala.

Akshar says the experience of his first campaign has been a positive one.

"This campaign is energizing me and to continue to get out into the public to continue to listen to people's concerns, it's the only way we are going to be successful," said Akshar.

Fiala isn't backing down to her opponent despite the 28 point hurdle in the poll.

"I still have something to give to the community and all the Southern Tier. And that's what keeps me going," said Fiala.