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BU Harvest Festival Celebrates A Nice Crop!

Binghamton University has celebrated a successful growing season with a cookout!

Its Harvest Festival brought out a number of area residents today to the BU Acres Farm near the campus.

Attendees harvested their own greens and then turned them into a salad on site.

Ever Morales, Sodexho cook, says, "I'm looking forward to feeding about 300, more than 300 people today and we hope that next year there are more people joining us."

Sean Cummings, BU Acres Farm Manager says, "They've really done a great job utilizing what we've grown throughout the year. The lettuce for the salad station is still in the ground and people are going to pick a bowl of it themselves."

The event also featured a tour of the farm grounds. Organizers say they believe the growth in popularity of organic food will continue.