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11-year-old helps deliver baby brother

Marietta, GA (WGCL) -- An 11-year-old boy helped his mother deliver his baby brother.

James Dukes is a proud big brother. James helped deliver his baby brother at home in Marietta when his mother went into early labor.

Royal Dukes will never hear the end of how his 11-year-old brother James stepped in to deliver him when mom went into early labor.

"All of a sudden I couldn't get to the bed anymore, so I just collapsed on the floor," said Kenyarda Dukes.

Just as suddenly, Royal was born. And with dad at work, James jumped in.

"It didn't really scare me, it was more just like, let me clean the baby off, make sure he's okay, make sure my mom's okay," said James.

Then James called 911.

"My mom just had a baby at the house and she needs somebody to come," said James to the 911 dispatcher.

Dispatcher: "OK, gently wipe off the baby's mouth and nose, wrap him in a clean, dry towel."

"He was my help, he was my guardian angel. He was the man, he was the doctor, he was my superhero," said Kenyarda Dukes.

Since kindergarten, James said he's dreamed of playing in the NFL, but before paramedics arrived Tuesday he'd picked a new career. He plans to be a doctor.