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Memorial Concert Raises Awareness on Domestic Violence

A memorial concert with a message took place Saturday. And that message was to put an end to domestic violence.

The concert, held at the Choconut Inn, was in honor of a woman named Katie Chappell. She was murdered in 2009 and was a victim of domestic violence.

Saturday's concert raised awareness of domestic assault issues and encouraged potential victims to come forward and get help.

"I know she'd be proud and if we could save one life today from this, and help one family or one person, it's totally worth it," said Katie's Sister Dianna Chappell.

"We need to acknowledge it and we all need to be in it together in terms of our compassion and our concern for people to whom this is happening," said Rise Executive Director Rebecca Allerton.

Proceeds from the event went to Rise comprehensive domestic violence services, in Endicott, which helps about 250 people each year.